Privacy and security policy


POES and its team are concerned with the security and privacy of the information transmitted on this website, as well as being in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code. We do not share, rent, or sell any type of personal data of our customers to companies, associations and institutions.

All information provided by our customers will be collected and stored in accordance with safety and reliability standards and in accordance with data protection legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

POES pursues its best efforts to maintain the integrity of the information provided, which is why we are not responsible for data arising from access and / or use by third parties.

Our website uses cookies and browsing information (browser session) in order to draw the persona who visits the website with the intent to always improve our services, products, content, and to guarantee the best offers and promotions for you.

Therefore, when traveling on our website, all users agree to the practices and terms described in the Privacy and Security Policy terms. Changes to our policy will be immediately informed in this same space.


The e-mails and phones provided are used only for contacts regarding purchases made on our website.

Only with prior authorization, we send emails informing about POES, such as promotions and new collections. We always provide the option to cancel subscription.


The process of buying and entering card data is carried out in a protected and secure domain of the payment processor. The payment processor is responsible for interconnecting the POES, the card administrators and banking, in a way that optimizes the process and provide a totally secure digital environment for the introduction of card data and personal data. Therefore, the credit card numbers provided are registered directly in the card administrators’ database and there is no access to this information by POES.


There is no storage of information that is not necessary to complete the purchase. The use of the CPF (or the Social Security Number or ID Number) is required by law to issue invoices and send orders. The passwords provided in our database are archived in an encrypted manner allowing only the customer, owner of the register, to have knowledge.

To access or change your registration data, simply contact us by email hello@poes.store and request the change of data to our team.

We are here to make sure your experience buying POES is awesome! 🙂



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