Botânica Earring – Vermeil

The Botany Piercing is the abstraction of the center of a flower and incorporates the colors of the stone in  the shapes.

It is a snap-on piercing to be worn at the end of the earlobes.

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The outlines were borrowed from Burle-Marx’s tile designs . From them, the Brazilian modernism form was immersed, incorporating well-defined organic elements and contrasting colors.

The result is a structure with strong modern appeal that refers to the colors of nature and flowers. The Flora.

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Blue Agata, Citrine, Dolomite., Onyx, Rose Quartz

Borned through inner reflection, the 6th Collection was the fruit of personal balance research during a time of social distance, therefore the new collection is a countermovement. The 7th Collection comes from the desire of escapism and the urgent need to be in contact with nature.

In this Collection the intention of free movement, the use of color and self-determination were expressed .

Turning to the aesthetics of the 7th Collection, it has nostalgic eyes in the Brazilian Modernism movement. Especially the works of the architect and landscaper Roberto Burle-Marx.  He defined  himself as  an esthete and plastic artist who used unconventional materials for his creations, for instance natural topography, vegetation and minerals. As a botanical enthusiast, Burle-Marx brought status to native species once seen as unwanted.

Burle-Marx’s vision is very much aligned with our work in the brand: artistic creations that escape from conventional materials such as canvas, brushes and paints and which value the Brazilian raw materials.

The form  of the jewelry in the Collection was inspired by   Brazilian Modernism, through abstraction, organicism and tropicalism. Thus, a non-caricature Brazilianness and an optimism in colors and contours is seen.

Earring made in 18k Gold Plated Sterlling Silver and natural citrine, onyx, blue agata, rose quartz or dolomite gem stones.

Composition and Care

– POES only uses noble materials, such as 925 silver (sterling silver – composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper alloy), 18K gold, and precious and semi-precious stones.

– All pieces are handmade in 925 silver and may or may not have rhodium or gold plating, as indicated in the product description.

– Silver naturally undergoes the chemical oxidation process that causes a change in color and texture. This process varies according to how you use it. It must be kept away from contact with water, alcohol, cleaning products, cosmetics, chlorine, and any other chemicals. Always remember to remove your jewelry before washing your hands!

– The gold plating can be harmed by mere use or friction.

– Natural stones and pearls can damage and even break with impacts.

– Always keep jewelry in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.

– Store and transport the jewelry separately, so that they are not close to each other to avoid any friction.

– Do not use cleaning products, cosmetics, chlorine, and any other chemical products.

– Do not use abrasive products for cleaning. Just polish it carefully with dry flannel.

– Sudden falls cause irreparable damage to the product

In case of doubts, we answer promptly by, via DM on Instagram (@poesjewelry) or by WhatsApp (to access click on the link on the bottom right side of the page).

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